About Danintra


The company was founded November 26’th, 1982. Danintra has over the years reaped praise for its quality and delivery capability. Focus on the well being of the employers has secured that Danintra's staff is loyal, have stayed for many years and aquired a lot of know how. The collective knowledge at Danintra is often a direct advantage for our clients.

Our vision is to create quality and design, which you also can appreciate in the urban scene for generations to come.

Our mission is to become the preferred partner and supplier of management and distribution of lighting in the urban scene.  




Danintra is lead by executive director Adnan Özari, who has many years of experience with the B2B market. Adnan has previously been with, among others, Moeller Electric, Wirtek, Crimp and AEG. Adnan has a master’s degree in electrical science and engineering from DTU together with a master in foreign trade. Adnan first entered the board and joined in March 2008 as executive director, and he is since 2009 the sole owner of Danintra A/S.


Adnan Özari, Direktør


Adnan is a part of the Danish committee DS 349 as a specialist, and he is also in the CEN group TC 226 workgroup WG10 concerning EN 12767 safety equipment together with TC 50 and workgroup WG5, which concerns EN40 lighting poles.
Adnan has since 2010 been in the DOLL advisory board and the advisory board committee for the road and street light conference.


Business partners

Danintra collaborates with a large group of Danish and foreign suppliers, which includes the following companies:



Mora Mast


Lacroix Sogexi

Moser Systemelektrik

Technopali Northern Europe

Roch Service 




Together with skilled architects we design and develope new solutions.

Morten Lyhne Mads Odgård Henning Bang Bjarne Schläger and Morten Borup

Armartur af Morten Lyhne

Armartur af Morten Lyhne

Mads Odgård

Mads Odgård

Henning Bang

Henning Bang

Bjarne Schläger and Morten Borup

Bjarne Schläger and Morten Borup

If you want to know more about Danintra or our products feel free to contact us.

   We participate in industri standardization

Danintra works together with Danish standards on the standardization of the industry.



Danintra support among others "Red barnet".



Ralleykører Steen Andersen

  (Danintra is also an official sponsor of "Steen Andersen" who has won multiple Danish championships, and also participates in the Dutch championships. See more on his website and Facebook)  


Board of directors

Director Per H. Thomsen (chairman)
CEO Adnan Özari  (Former director of the company)
Christian Lund
Hans Andersen

Financial year ect.:
1. May - 30. April

The company is registered under CVR (Central business register) no. 49 88 78 17 based in Frederikssund municipality.

Company address:
Frederiksværkvej 24
3600 Frederikssund